Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Galapagos, part 2: the voyage

There is only one way to truly enjoy and experience Galapagos: taking a boat and cruising around these magnificent islands. I have discovered an incredible world that I would have never imagined. These are the pictures of this truly unforgettable voyage, and thanks to both the crew and the other guests of the yacht for an unbelievable week

The itinerary

The boat, the mighty treasure of Galapagos

Isla Isabela, Las Tintoreras and Puerto Villamil

A Galapagos classic, the blu footed boobie

Sea lions, the real owners of the place

Isabela Island: Punta Moreno and Urbina bay

Volcano Cerro Azul

Isla Fernandina: Punta Mangle

An eagle ray

Darwin's lagoon

Isla Fernandina: Punta Espinoza

This was the best day of the whole trip, what a heavenly island!

Playing with iguanas

Are you talking to me?

Isla Santiago: Puerto Egas

Somebody wanted to snorkel with us?

Islote Rabida

A spotted eagle ray

"this is too much!!!'

The chinese hat

Isla Santa Cruz: Cerro Dragon

Isla Santa Cruz: Playa Las Bachas

A turtle's path to laying eggs

The eggs hideout

The end :(

Isla San Cristobal

The 'Leon Dormido' (aka kicker's rock), the best snorkelling in Galapagos

Hundreds of sharks swimming jus below us...

La loberia

Playa Punta Carola

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